Laurick is the founder of Give and Save 3-6-5, a company dedicated to teaching people how to add value to their lives and the lives of others. He is the author of the Easy Money Management Guide, the Easy Money Management Weekly Journal, Student Loan Exit Plan and his recent book, The Pro’s Playbook.

Laurick is addicted to success stories. Learning from or helping people develop their dreams into real-life victories winds his crank. Starting with his mother who gave birth to nine children (not counting three miscarriages) after marrying a man who already had two children. Although she never made it past the fifth grade, her children would go from living in the government housing projects to serving in the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines. All of them would earn high school diplomas, and five would graduate college. They would become an airline worker, a teacher, a PhD, a pastor, a mayor, a police chief, an accountant, a yacht design school graduate, an international missionary, an interior decorator, postal workers, a janitor, a police officer, and an author. Arimentha Ingram mothered like a pro.

Laurick is a life learner who believes you are the sum of the thoughts and people you spend the most time with. Think great thoughts, meet great people, and great things will happen to and for you. In his latest book The Pro’s Playbook: A Benchwarmer’s Success Story he shares the skills successful athletes use to go from bad to good; good to better; and better to best, both in and out of sports.

Laurick is is a proud mentor for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools 5000 Role Models of Excellence, and the youngest brother of the late Dr. Robert B. Ingram, one of the original 500 Role Models. In 2018, the United Nations Association (Broward Chapter) honored him for his efforts to eradicate poverty;  in 2018, Legacy magazine named him as one of South Florida’s “50 Most Powerful Black Leaders in Business & Industry;” he has been interviewed on radio and television as well as mentioned in more than 100 journals and publications.

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Give and Save 3-6-5 LLC
2114 N Flamingo Road
Ste 138
Pembroke PInes, Florida 33028
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